Renew Registration

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Transferal of Registration Information


A license plate may be transferred to another motor vehicle; however, an expired registration must be renewed or extended upon transfer, even when the transfer occurs during the renewal month.


Surrender a License Plate

The Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles requires you to surrender your license plate by mail or in person at a Tax Collector's Office in the following circumstance's:

  • If you sell the vehicle without transferring the license plate to your new vehicle.
  • If you move to a new State and register the vehicle in that State.
  • If you cancel the insurance on your vehicle.

When insurance is canceled and motor vehicle records indicate the vehicle is still registered in your name with a valid license plate, the Bureau of Financial Responsibility, Division of Driver Licenses requires that the license plate be canceled to avoid a driver license suspension.

Failure to surrender your license plate when you sell your vehicle and are not transferring the plate to a new replacement vehicle within 30 days will also result in a driver license suspension. When you surrender your plate, a new vehicle registration will be printed indicating the license plate is canceled. Retain the  "Surrender Registration" receipt. This may be used to exempt the $225.00 initial registration fee when a replacement vehicle is registered.

To surrender your Florida license plate by mail, send the license plate and a written request that the license plate be canceled and recycled. Please mail the license plate and request to:

2900 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee,  FL 32399