HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) Information


Senate Bill 88 passed by the 2003 Legislative Session amended section 316.0741, Florida Statutes, to provide for additional use of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes. Effective, July 1, 2003, Inherently Low-Emission Vehicles (ILEV), regardless of the number of persons occupying such vehicles, may now use HOV lanes. Such ILEV vehicles must be certified and labeled in accordance with federal regulations (Visit DHSMV's website at http://flhsmv.gov for a list of qualifying vehicles).

This legislation requires DHSMV or its agents to issue a decal reflecting the HOV lane designation and a registration to be renewed annually. The fee for such decal is $5.00.

Upon completion of form HSMV 83027 (Application for HOV Decal), and payment of the required $5 fee, a HOV decal will be issued and is to be placed on the lower right hand side of the vehicle's rear window. The application form may be submitted to any county license plate agencies.


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