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Transfer of Florida Titles

To transfer a Florida Title, the seller must complete the Transfer of Title by Seller section of the current title, including the purchaser’s name, selling price, odometer reading and the signature and printed name of the seller at the time of sale. (Motor vehicles are exempt from all odometer disclosures statements or odometer declarations if they are 10 calendar years old or older as of January 1 of the current year.) If any of these requirements are missing from the Transfer of Vehicle by Seller section of the title, a bill of sale will be needed.


The new owner of the vehicle, vessel or mobile home or their appointed Power of Attorney (POA) Form 82053, must bring the completed Florida Title into the Tax Collector’s Office with the following documents:

  1. Proof of Identification:
    • A Florida driver license or identification card
    • An out of state driver license or identification card with phot
    • A US passport
    • A Canadian driver license, identification card or passport
    • A driver license or identification card from any U.S. Territory (American Samoa, Guam, Marianas, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands)
    • An out of country passport

  2. Form 82040, Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration accurately completed. (A Form 82041 may be signed in lieu of the 82040 if all persons are present for the transfer.)

  3. If a lien is to be recorded, the lien information must be provided in the appropriate space of the Form 82040. This includes the lienholder’s name, address, and federal employer's identification (FEID) number. When an individual is the lien holder, their name, address and driver license number is required. Should the individual lienholder be from another state, a copy of their identification would be needed.

  4. An original lien satisfaction, (Form82260) is required for any lien against the previous owner of a motor vehicle, vessel, or mobile home, which is shown on the DMS database but is not satisfied on the front of the Florida title.

  5. Payment of sales tax is due at the time of transfer unless there is a reason for sales tax exemption. Leon County collects 6% sales tax on the total price and an additional 1.5% on the first $5,000.

  6. Proof of current Florida insurance must be presented in the form of an automobile policy, ID card, or binder. If the vehicle will not be driven on the highways of Florida, the applicant must complete a non-use affidavit.

  7. The Florida license plate number to transfer or a new plate may be purchased for the motor vehicle. However, a mobile home registration is automatically issued when application for title is made.

  8. Title Fees:
    • Transfer Title Fees - $75.75
    • Lien Fee - $2.00 (per Lien if applicable)
    • Penalty Fee - $20.00 - is assessed on a title not transferred within 30 days of the date of purchase
    • Fast Title Fee - $10.00 (title issued at time of application; fee is in addition to the title fee, and some restrictions apply)
    • Shipping and Handling Fee - $2.50 - for each paper title printed and mailed

Additional registration fees are due when transferring vehicle ownership.

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