Trailers Weighing 1,999 lbs or less


A trailer with a net weight of 1,999 pounds or less, is not required to be titled. The following is required:


  1. When the trailer is new, a copy of the MCO and/or a bill of sale is required.

  2. When the trailer is used (homemade or manufactured), a bill of sale, which gives a complete description of the trailer including the make, year, model, body, color, weight, length, and the identification number and the previous owner's Florida license plate number, is required. If the used trailer (homemade or manufactured) has never been registered in Florida, a certified weight slip is also required, unless the documentation submitted shows a net weight.

  3. The proof of ownership presented must be in the name of the person applying for the registration. There must be a complete chain of ownership.

  4. The complete first name, full middle/maiden name and last name for each owner. If the customer is a natural person(s), the Florida driver license number or identification number must be shown for all owners. If the customer is a business, the FEID number is required.

  5. The residence and mailing address of the owner. The street address in Florida of the owner's permanent residence or the street address in Florida of the owner's permanent place of business. If the mailing address is different from the address of the permanent residence, the mailing address is required to be used for mailing purposes. If a Florida resident is using  a Post Office Box as a mailing address, the residential address must also be required.

  6. Registration Fees


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