Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eBill?
An eBill is an electronic tax notice that allows you to access your property tax bill electronically through a secure link that is sent by email.  After you sign up, it replaces the paper bill you currently receive in the mail.  Any property owner who has given consent to the Tax Collector’s Office to receive their Tax Notice via email is eligible for this program.

Do I have to pay a fee for eBilling?
No.  There is no sign-up fee to participate in eBilling.

Can I pay online?
Yes, you can pay via e-check or credit/debit card.  A pass-through vendor fee will be applied to credit/debit card payments.  Please see Search/Pay Property Information on our website for more information.
Exception: parcels withdrawn from public records (confidential) cannot be included in the eBill program.

What types of Property Tax Notices may be received electronically?
Real estate and Tangible Personal Property Tax Notices (Annual or Installment).

My property taxes are paid by my mortgage company.  Can I still sign up for eBilling?
Yes, however, since your taxes are escrowed, your taxes will be paid by your escrow company; therefore, the enotice will be for your records only.

My property is in joint ownership.  Do all parties have to sign up?
No.  An owner or their authorized representative may enroll.

I own multiple properties.  Do I need to create individual eBilling accounts for each property?
No, you can add multiple properties to one individual eBill account.

Can I have notifications sent to multiple email addresses?
Yes, but you will have to register each individual email address.

I keep records of my paper bills.  Can I save copies of my eBill?
Yes, follow these directions:

  • Begin at the home page by clicking on the Search Tax Roll button.
  • Click on the Pay Property Tax button.
  • Click on “I Agree” on the Search Disclaimer.
  • Search by property owner name or choose search option from the Search Tax Roll Menu.
  • Click on the Account Number on the Tax Roll Search Results page.
  • Click on “Tax Bill” for the year you wish to save from the Tax Roll Property Summary Page.
  • Once the tax bill is displayed, it is now available to save or print from your computer’s desktop menu.

Can I switch back to paper bills in the future?
Yes.  There will be an opt-out link on the eBill notice that is sent to you at the beginning of the tax season.  Or, if you do not respond to the notice, your parcel number will be pulled from the email list and you will once again receive paper notices through the mail.  

Do I have to sign up for eBilling to access my property tax information online or pay my bill on line?
No.  You can access your property tax information or pay on line at leontaxcollector.net without being enrolled in eBilling.

My email address has changed.  How do I update my account?
Login to your account and click Update Customer Information to make changes to your account.

I signed up to receive electronic Tax Notices, but I did not receive one this year.  What happened?
Check your spam or junk mail to make sure that the Tax Notice did not arrive there. Also, eBills are sent to the email address on file with the Tax Collector's Office; so, if your email address changed, login to your eBill account to make sure that you updated your account with your new address. It is important to note that any late payment penalties cannot be waived for failure to pay on-time, if records indicate that an electronic Tax Notice was successfully sent to the email address on file in our records.

I have forgotten my user name and/or password.  What should I do?
On the Login page, there are links to obtain your password hint or have your password sent to you via email.