Original Registrations


Florida law requires the owners and/or operators of most vehicles, vessels, and mobile homes that are located and used in this state to register those units in the state motor vehicles database and to keep such registrations current as long as they are in or available for use. Registrations are required in order to properly identify each vehicle, vessel or mobile home, to associate that unique identification with its legal owner and to assure that the applicable use taxes and associated fees are paid in a timely manner.


Click here for the detailed requirements for original registration. Initial registrations for vehicles are provided in the form of a metal license plate with a current period validation decal and a printed certificate of registration. Vessels and mobile homes do not receive metal plates.


Generally, registrations must be renewed annually.(The registrations for most vehicles and vessels can be renewed for a two year period at the option of the registrant.) Mobile homes that are located on real property owned by the registrant (as opposed to being in a mobile home park or on other rental property) should be issued a "Real Property (RP) Decal" that does not require annual renewal. Click here for details on renewals.


Registrations can be transferred from one vehicle to another if ownership changes occur. Replacement decals and/or metal plates can be provided in the event of loss or theft. Click here for details on registration transfers.


Registrants can opt to receive a "Specialty" or "Personalized" metal license plate for an additional fee that varies with the type of plate involved. Click here for details on "Specialty" or "Personalized" license plates.


Click here for details on the applicable Fees charged for registrations.


Law enforcement officials are authorized to require proof of current registration and to issue uniform traffic citations requiring a court appearance which can entail the possibility of fines and other penalties being imposed if such current registration is not properly maintained.