To falsify information, documents or materials with the fraudulent intent of obtaining or using a Florida Vital Statistics Record/Birth Certificate constitutes a third degree criminal felony punishable as set forth in the Florida Statutes.

*Do not mistake the birth record, given by a hospital where the child was born, to be the same as a certified birth certificate (as required). The birth certificate is a more authoritative credential.


The Leon County Tax Collector is pleased to announce a partnership with the Florida Department of Health and the Bureau of Vital Statistics whereby Florida-born citizens may obtain a certified duplicate of their birth certificate from their local tax collector.

How to Obtain A Duplicate Birth Certificate

First, obtain an application by clicking here. Read all instructions carefully before completing the application. Note: Applications for duplicate birth certificates should be completed and submitted by eligible applicants only.

Who is an Eligible Applicant?

An eligible applicant is a person at least 18 years of age who is applying for his or her own duplicate birth certificate; or, other eligible persons acting on behalf of an applicant (i.e., a mother or father whose name appears on the official birth record. If you do not fall within these categories, please visit your local Florida Department of Health Office nearest you).

Information and Materials Required
  • Valid Identification must be provided by all eligible applicants to obtain a duplicate Birth Certificate.
  • Child's full name presented as it appears on the official birth record; including, any subsequent name changes.
  • City and County where the child was born must be indicated.
  • Mother's full name presented (including, mother's maiden name).
  • Father's full name presented (if included on the official birth record).
Birth Certificate Cost and Fees

The cost of a duplicate birth certificate is $21.25 ($15.00 plus $6.25 processing fee).